Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tim O'Connor

Not only is the pop on this kickflip unbelievable, the fact that he did it while wearing Air Force Ones(impossible to skate in, for me at least) makes it that much more special. I don't think that Tim O'Connor gets nearly enough credit for his progressive ledge game over the years, and I feel that along with a couple of other dudes he really sparked the awkward 180 or shove-it out of a grind in the middle of a ledge thing, although he makes it look about as far from awkward as you can get. Which was even more impressive considering he did it when everybody else seemed to be stuck flipping into crooked grinds or slithering across orange plastic barriers with jump ramp assistance.

(Anyone else remember that old Firm commercial from 411 where Ray Barbee laced a f/s nosegrind revert in the middle of a ledge? That's the kind of shit I'm referring to.)


smorales said...

zippity doo da flip

Justin said...

Tim's backside ollies on mini ramps and banks are awesome. If he put out a three minute part of just ollies and few well caught flips on transition, I'd be happy. His feet just float around in the air perfectly.

Quinn Davis said...

That's funny, reading down I was thinking, what about that old Ray Barbie nosegrind early pop out? Nailed it. Also, was watching Now N Later the other day and Lotti popped out early on nosegrind 180's and fakie 5-0's 180. Oh, then Danny Way coming out early (intentional or not) of a pop-shuv nosegrind at SDU in Virtual reality.

Tim tends to come out early the wrong way, which is awesome. I love seeing tall dudes who are light on their feet. Like Rick Howard.

Props to the trees.