Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greg Hunt

Not sure if this one has been posted anywhere else before, but I came across it today and thought it worth posting. When I was younger I found this pro spotlight and this video part somewhat boring, even though I liked Greg's photos and footage in other stuff. Now both have really grown on me, especially the awkward 50-50 tricks in Tincan, specifically the nollie f/s 180 switch f/s 50-50 180 out(followed by a killer "jazz push"*) and the switch f/s 180 50-50 to b/s 180 out in the middle of the ledge. The beauty and innovation contained in such subtle maneuvers was lost on me when I was younger, much to my regret.

*I was going to go off on a tangent about the contrived "jazz push" as executed(twice in one line, no less) by Marc Johnson in Yeah Right! and how it was perhaps some sort of homage considering MJ listed that Tincan part as one of his top five favorite video parts and has admitted to consciously referencing tricks done by other skaters in his Fully Flared part. However, something makes me not want to bash Marc Johnson on here (I like him sometimes) or get too analytical about the "jazz push", a term which I assume was coined either on the SLAP boards or by the folks over at YouWillSoon. I guess I sort of went off on a tangent anyway.


Robert said...

Amazing post. Hunt is one of my all time favorites. I have been a fan of his subtle skills from day one. He and the other stereo dudes brought skating back to life in the 90's (at least for me).

Aaron Cayer said...

i remember that lipslide spot from a video..


camels said...

good post! I thought the interview was great, I always like it when people sound off about being positive and humble. It's funny, but in a good way. I really enjoyed one of those puleo interviews you posted a while back. wacky road trip story interviews are always the worst!

jazz push is pretty funny, I hope that becomes the new "yo flip" and we have to watch a bunch of them in every new part that comes out. I feel like gregs was pretty natural and off the cuff, and most of the ones since have been a bit forced.

Its funny how that yeah right part is way more entertaining than his stuff in fully flared, it was right before he found out he was epic. just right. now that he knows hes this epic legend his stuff just isnt the same. manual 350 flip manual was incredible

** said...

ha..."jazz push"
sheffey had a good one in VR

hairfarmer said...

** - after the nollie 180 flip? That seems less "jazz" and more just saving yourself with a push. Gotta love Sheffey.

Ian said...

Greg Hunt looks like a big Wee Man in the photo.